Your 2014 ACN Action Plan

Hello everyone!  Tomorrow officially starts 2014, so I’d like to be the first to wish you a very happy New Year!   I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday – and that you are starting the year off with a fresh perspective, a positive attitude and an untamable desire to win big in 2014.  Tonight, most people will be celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another, but what happens when you wake up tomorrow morning on the first day of a new year?  Will your 2014 be any different or better than 2013?  The answer to that question is 100% in your control. 

The ACN Opportunity is undeniable.  We accomplished everything we set out to in 2013 and then some, and the wheels are already in motion to make 2014 even bigger and better. The vehicle is in place, the groundwork has been laid and the second chance you’ve been looking for is at your doorstep.  All you have to ask yourself is if you are going to take the steps today to change your life tomorrow?  I’ve laid out a simple action plan for your New Year that if followed, will set your business on the path to an incredible 2014.

Here’s your 2014 Action Plan:

  1. Take time to set new goals for the coming year.  You should start by writing down your goals, but that’s just the beginning.  Writing them down won’t make them a reality.  Post your goals somewhere you can be reminded of them often, and most importantly, take actionable steps every day to reach those goals.
  2. Do something every single day to move your business forward.  Every single day!  We all have 24 hours in a day, every day.  How many of those are you spending doing something to move your life, your attitude, your business and your future forward?
  3. Be prepared to push yourself.  No one ever made money taking the easy route.  Success in ACN – or in anything else – isn’t ever going to be easy, but big results require big ambitions and even bigger action.  On the corner of uncomfortable and exhaustion – that’s where the biggest and best things happen.
  4. Don’t be afraid to dream big.  All successful people dream big.  They imagine what their future could be – and then they go out and create it.  Never stop dreaming, and never give up on achieving your dreams.
  5. Have razor sharp focus.  Focus on what you want to accomplish – not what you are afraid of.  Your fears will hold you back, but your focus will keep you moving forward during even the toughest times.

We’ve set some aggressive and exciting goals for ACN in 2014 that we’ll work toward accomplishing every day.  I challenge you to do the same in your own life and your business.  Put this plan into action, go above and beyond in everything you do this year, and don’t be afraid to do something more and different than you ever have.  After all, that’s how you receive more than you ever have.  Remember, every day is a new opportunity to start fresh, so this year, let’s all resolve to make every day the best day of the year.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!  I look forward to all the coming year will bring for each and every one of us.

Until next time,


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