The View from Where I Sit

ACN View - Greg Provenzano

This is the view from my office.  Every day I get the pleasure of overlooking ACN’s 23 country flags – and every day I am reminded of the incredible opportunity we have been given at ACN to truly transform lives.  But the view today is a little bit different, and even more exciting, thanks to the white tent in the corner.  So what’s the big deal about a white tent?  Well when that tent goes up, I know we are just hours away from welcoming IBOs from around the globe to our World Headquarters for a tour as part of our Charlotte International Training event. 

We always teach that our events can and should be the fuel in your business – giving you the knowledge you need to build a bigger, more successful business, the motivation you need to push forward through the tough times and the inspiration to remember why it is you got started with ACN in the first place.  And just as these events are the fuel for you, they are very much the fuel for me too.  Yes, every day I get to spend at ACN is a blessing, and every interaction I have with our IBOs is a gift, but it’s at the events that the true heart and soul of ACN can be seen.  I look forward to each and every event as if it was my very first one – and I hope you are coming to Charlotte with just as much anticipation as I am.

Travel safely and I look forward to seeing you for another monumental weekend. The continuation of our 20th Anniversary Celebration starts now – and the view has never been better!

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