A Personal ACN Message from John C. Maxwell

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Hello ACN!  I’m so pleased to be able to share with you on this platform as a prelude to our time together at your upcoming event in Charlotte next week.  I have to say the ACN crowd is absolutely one of my favorites because of your passion.  Nothing gets people motivated and keeps them moving quite like passion does – and you are one of the most passionate groups I have ever had the privilege of working with. 

When Attitude is Everything at ACN

ACN Success 101

Think back to your first day as an IBO, whether it was yesterday or years ago.  Think about the emotions you were feeling – probably excitement and hope but probably some uncertainly, doubt or fear too.  These are all normal emotions when you are starting anything new, especially a business.  We know for a fact that an IBO’s first 30 days are the most crucial, but also most vulnerable, because many new people lack the confidence and belief in themselves and their ability to be successful in ACN.  But it’s not just new people.  Everyone has bad days…even weeks or months…times you want to quit, when you lack confidence to get to the next step.

ACN Featured in the Charlotte Business Journal

ACN Featured In Charlotte Business Journal

ACN was featured in the Charlotte Business Journal for achieving 20 years of success on June 28th! The article describes what sets ACN apart from other direct selling companies, the moment when the Co-Founders knew the company would be successful, what their plans are for ACN in the future, and much more.

With ACN, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

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