At ACN, Giving Back is Part of our DNA
Local Roots. Global Branches.

ACN is passionate about giving back to our community and around the globe. And that’s exactly why we founded the ACN Global Reach Charities in 2011. By increasing fundraising efforts, this nonprofit organisation is on a mission to expand and enhance the charitable efforts initiated by ACN.

Whether it's collecting donations from Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and company leaders, or sponsoring and participating in events that raise money for special causes, every person involved with ACN strives to make a difference.

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Community Involvement That Makes an Impact

ACN Global Reach Charities is always striving to get involved in the community. They are constantly seeking new initiatives and continuing all ongoing contributions. Here are just a few of the things they have participated in:

Ronald McDonald House Celebrity Golf Tournament

Hosted by ACN Global Reach Charities, the 2013 tournament raised over $200,000 - all of which went directly to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte.

Bikes for Tikes

More than 175 ACN leaders joined ACN’s Co-Founders in Mexico to participate in this wonderful charity function. Bikes were built and decorated, then raced and donated to a local child in need.

  • Children’s International Summer Village, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Peace Brigades International, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Giving Back Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Help for the Children of Chernobyl, Berlin, Germany
  • SOS Children’s Villages, Munich, Germany
  • SOS Mamans Bébés, Nice, France
  • Zarbitter, Cologne, Germany
  • Fondation Lenval, Nice, France
  • Kidsmiling, Cologne, Germany
  • SOS Children’s Village, Milan, Italy
  • Bethanien Children’s Villages, Cologne, Germany
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