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The best part about the ACN business model is its simplicity - and the potential! Independent Business Owners (IBOs) offer their customers services they are already using and spending money on anyway, such as Mobile, Energy, Broadband, TV and Security.

There is no change in buying habits, Independent Business Owners don’t have to convince customers to purchase services they don’t need or can’t afford. These are services people simply can’t live without.

As an Independent Business Owner (IBO) you receive the complete support of ACN behind you every step of the way, including your very own personalised ACN Online Shop. It’s maintained and updated daily by ACN, so all you have to do is direct your potential customers to your shop - and ACN takes care of the rest.

Please note: Service availability varies per country.

Products and Services

People and small businesses are already using the products and services ACN offers every day, so there’s no need to convince them to buy. All Independent Business Owners (IBOs) need to do is direct customers to their ACN Online Shop, and allow them to make the decision to switch to a smarter way of getting these products and services

JOi Mobile

JOi is a new consumer brand from ACN, providing the products and services you need to keep connected in today’s digital world. JOi is about simplicity and clarity. Fundamentally it is about peace of mind: providing you with the calls, SMS and data you need to ‘touch’ and ‘connect’ with the world in the way that you want or need to.

ACN Services – JOi Mobile

ACN Europe Call

ACN Europe Call brings together the people and countries of Europe under one calling plan like never before – it’s Europe without the boundaries! Now, for the first time, you can...

  • Call friends and family in 31 European countries

  • Place calls to landline and mobile numbers

  • Get 2,000 minutes (33 hours) per month with NO call set-up fees

It’s your ticket to call all of Europe for one, low monthly price!

Here’s how it works

Use your ACN Europe Call bundle as you choose: you may use some or all of your 2,000 minute (33 hours) per month allocation to make local, national or international calls to one, two, or all 31 European countries. Call the pizza restaurant down the street – or one in Italy! Call your mother, or call the Queen! The choice is yours. And remember – there’s NO call set-up fee for European destinations even if you exceed your 2,000 minute (33 hours) per month bundle!

ACN Services – ACN Europe call

Home Security Partnership

Feel secure 24/7 with Verisure’s high quality Home Security services for residential and business customers!

ACN Services – Veilig


Restore balance to your life with the simple-to-follow Benevita® Weight Management System. Grounded in real science, the system contains a Japanese root-based formula known as Glucomannan, which has clinically proven weight-loss properties. When used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and a Healthy Lifestyle, it can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Feeling hungry between meals or in need of a boost before a workout? Don’t worry, the Benevita® Chocolate Crisp Bar will not only delight your taste buds but also keep you energised.

ACN Services – Wellness

Personal Care

Hair Care

Experience the difference of Aluminé® hair care for noticeably, healthier-looking hair. Aluminé®’s revitalising botanical Chinese Herbs™ Hair Care System stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to help you achieve thicker, fuller-looking, hair. The Aluminé® Naturals hair care system offers healthy style solutions for every type of hair using innovative technology alongside exotic botanical ingredients. We formulate our products free of parabens, sulphates, and chemical preservatives, offering safe, natural, and effective care for beautiful tresses.

Skin Care

We developed the Aluminé® Naturals skin care line to make your skin look younger and brighter than ever. Our unique products provide a powerful combination of natural exotic ingredients that use cutting-edge technology to bring you better skin, no matter your skin type. Protect, moisturise, and repair with our age-defying ingredients that prevent and diminish the signs of ageing.

ACN Services – soins personnels

With ACN, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

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