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At ACN, Reputation is Everything

Integrity - it’s ACN’s number one core value and the foundation on which the company was built. And despite its incredible growth, integrity is also what continues to drive every decision our company makes, even 20 years later.

Since day one, ACN’s Co-Founders have been committed to ensuring that the company - and its Independent Business Owners (IBOs) - operate with the utmost integrity, adhere to the highest possible ethical standards, and perform under a marketing plan that complies with consumer protection laws while operating their home-based businesses.

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ACN’s Rules of Conduct

ACN has a set of Policies & Procedures which set out what we often refer to as the “rules of the game”. Each Independent Business Owner (IBO) agrees to abide by these rules when they sign their contract with ACN. Policies & Procedures describe the way that ACN wants its Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to conduct themselves in pursuing the ACN Business Opportunity and building their distributorship, by marketing and promoting ACN’s products and services to prospective customers and promoting the ACN Business Opportunity to other potential Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

It’s not just about having a set of Policies & Procedures at ACN but it is about actively ensuring that the Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are aware of those rules and that, when the rules are broken, there are consequences for those involved (including termination of the Independent Business Owner’s distributorship) and ACN takes proper steps to actively enforce those rules. ACN Europe has a well staffed Compliance Department in its European Head Office in Amsterdam who are tasked with doing just that.

No Excuses for Violations

The ACN rules of conduct are clear. There are no excuses for violations of rules or laws.

ACN has a zero tolerance policy against slamming of customers by its Independent Business Owners (IBOs). “Slamming” is when an IBO acquires a customer who has not properly consented to becoming an ACN customer. Slamming allegations will often attract the attention of both telecommunications and consumer regulators but also the police authorities in many countries and ACN will not tolerate any Independent Business Owner (IBO) who exposes the ACN business to this kind of risk.

ACN also prohibits its Independent Business Owners (IBOs) from making false or misleading or deceptive representations of any kind. This is simply a reflection of the law and applies to everything that an Independent Business Owner (IBO) does in connection with the ACN Business Opportunity and it is particularly important in terms of promoting the ACN Business Opportunity to other prospective Independent Business Owners (IBOs). It is crucial that the Independent Business Owner (IBO) properly describe the ACN Business Opportunity and do not misrepresent it.

ACN demonstrates in its own material that success as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) is not guaranteed and is the result of an individual’s specific hard work and efforts to achieve success and that not all of the people who join ACN will be successful. That is a fact, and it is important that every Independent Business Owner (IBO) also makes that clear when they are describing the potential rewards of the ACN Business Opportunity so that any prospective Independent Business Owner has a balanced view of the risks of joining the ACN Business Opportunity. Any Independent Business Owner who does not do so will run the risk of having their distributorship terminated.

It is in the interest of all Independent Business Owners to educate themselves on and strictly follow our “rules of the game” as they are the reflection of the laws that govern the operation of our company, and ensure that ACN offers its Independent Business Owners a sustainable and credible business opportunity based on honesty and integrity.

ACN supports and is actively involved in the efforts of Direct Selling Associations to promote the direct selling industry and see direct selling universally recognised and respected as one of the finest methods of network marketing to consumers.

With ACN, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

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